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I hope that you are feeling healthy & safe! Noomaad is a very small independently owned company, so I can still stay open & ship your orders.

Due to the situation with the Corona virus I will not produce/make more jewellery for some time (don't know if it's for a few weeks, months or more...) This means that I have a limited stock of my creations. When a design is sold out, it's gone. I hope that you understand.

There are delays all over the world due to the Corona virus lockdown. It can exceed 1 month for all international orders. In a few cases it took 2 months. So if you order something with standard shipping you will have to wait longer than usual to receive your treasures. I kindly ask for your patience.

FedEx Express

If you do not want to wait, you can upgrade to FedEx Express International, it takes 2-4 business days. Just send me a email.

Take good care of yourself, your loved ones & everyone around!




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