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Discover my Story: Unveiling the Essence of Noomaad

Noomaad crafts unique pieces that embody the essence of freedom, self-love, and beauty. Each creation is meticulously designed to adorn your most cherished moments, becoming a part of your treasured memories.

With Noomaad, my vision is to create wearable art to adorn your journey. My enchanting pieces are imbued with magic, empowering you to embrace your inner beauty. Noomaads style is bohemian, with Scandinavian influences that weaves through the designs, and seamlessly merge geometric shapes, gypsy-inspired accents, and tribal craftsmanship.

Every creation from Noomaad is born from my imagination and either brought to life by my hands or by skilled metalsmiths in Jaipur, India. We prioritize meticulous craftsmanship and small batch production, infusing each piece with love and attention to detail. Our jewelry features authentic gemstones, sterling silver, gold, and brass, ensuring both quality and authenticity.

Complementing my jewelry line, all clothing is handmade by me in Oslo, Norway. Using hand-loomed raw silk from Varanasi, along with cotton, lace, and tribal-inspired trimmings, I craft garments that celebrate natural beauty and individuality.

Noomaad is more than a small business; it's a passion project owned and operated by one woman. Nestled in a cozy space aboard a sailing boat just outside Oslo, I embarked on the Noomaad journey in 2015 with a modest collection of septum jewelry, handmade kimonos, cape vests, and hooded scarves. Since then, my dedication to creativity and craftsmanship has continued to shape my brand's evolution.

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With love