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Care instructions

Taking proper care of your beloved jewellery, keeping it dry & stored in an airtight container when not in use, will prolong the life & lustre of the finish. 


Clean the septum before use

Opening & closing: Hold the septum in an upright position. Please use a horizontal twist opening. Twist the ends slightly away from each other, just enough to fit in. By opening in a horizontal motion you will preserve the shape of the ring. 

Very important: If the ends are pulled away from each other, as opposed to being twisted, the hoop will become distorted.

When taking out your septum ring, always leave it open in your jewelry box or in a sealed bag. This way you avoid the risk of twisting it both directions when you insert it again.


Brass can be cleaned with water+lemon. Make a tiny bath & let the brass soak for minimum 30 minutes, after polish with a cloth.

Sterling silver jewellery can be cleaned very easily with a silver cloth but be sure to avoid contact with any stones.

To clean gold vermeil jewellery buff gently with a soft, dry 100% cotton cloth or microfibre cloth. Gold vermeil is a 2.5 micron overlay of 18k gold on a base of 925 sterling silver. Never use silver cloth or chemical cleaners on 18k gold vermeil jewellery as it can peel off the gold finish.

Chemicals, cosmetics & perfumes can all cloud the brilliance of a gemstone and dull the surface of brass, sterling silver & gold vermeil.